They’re all lined up to Launch-it at Narrandera

Over 100 smiling faces were ready to have a go at Lunchtime Launch-it this week at St Joseph’s Narrandera.

And weren’t they keen to give it a go!

A total of 58 boys and an amazing 47 girls had a taste of golf, many for the first time, and didn’t they have some fun.

For the record there were some great scores.

Stage 3

Boys – Darcy 130.9m, Emmet 95.4m, Jake 88.7m.

Girls – Sophie 86.5m, Jess 65.8, Elsie 58.2m.

Stage 2

Boys – Noah 75.2m, Max S 71.8m, Tom W 66.3m

Girls – Lyla 45.0m, Jemma 39.6m, Victoria 38.3m.


Male – Mr Conroy 149.3 (every other male teacher was scared)

Female – Mrs Irving 113.7m, Mrs Golsby 100.0m, Mrs Kschenka 43.0m

With the 2022 school year just around the corner, there’s plenty of students keen to know when will they get a go again next year!

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