Launch-It Lands at Lavington

Lunch Time Launch-It landed at Lavington Primary School in a big way today, with almost 150 smiling faces there to take the challenge and see how far they could hit the ball.

Golf NSW Murray Regional Manager, Cade Webb was on hand, and didn’t he have his work cut out.

“They definitely worked me overtime today!” he grinned.

For the record, 92 Boys, 46 Girls and seven teachers took the challenge, with the best results below:

TWOAlex 49.5m
THREEIsikeli 44.9m
FOURDominick 47.6m
FIVEOakley 107.0mLucy 36.6m 
SIXXander 83.3m Anna 73.5m 
TEACHERSRyan Brown 180.1
Jack Flavell 150.9
Nathan Fischer 150.0
Jason Hallandale 147.4
Jarrod Lyons 50.2

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