Launch-it creates a buzz in Leeton

There was a buzz in the air at Leeton last week, and it was the vibe of excitement coming from the students and staff at Gralee School.

The sport might have been new to some and the technology a bit unfamiliar, but when the students got to see how it work, well, there was no stopping them!

Some of the staff got into the moment, too, and it wasn’t long before some friendly rivalry surfaced.

For the record, 19 boys, five girls and 13 staff got to try their hand at golf, some for the very first time.

All in all lots of fun, plenty of smiles and a whole school who can’t wait for the next visit of Lunchtime Launch-it to roll around in 2022.



Sonny 116.6m, Andrew 62.4m, Jackson 18.8m.


Girls – Tilly 25.0m.


Male – Anthony 162.2m (other male teachers seemed scared to have a go…lol)

Female – Jo “I’m not leaving until I beat Maggie” 92.9m, Maggie “I can’t let Jo beat me” 87.3m, Heidi 58.9m, Chantelle 42.3m, Elle 29.0m, Carly 27.0m.

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