Indigenous talent ID days a stunning success

GolfNSW and Jack Newton Junior Golf recently participated in the annual Regional Academies Indigenous Talent ID Days.

Each year, regional academies provide opportunities for local school students with Aboriginal heritage to try sports such as golf.  In previous years identified talent have received scholarships to participate in the Academy Golf program and this year showed just how much talent is on offer.

Around forty boys and girls try their hand at golf with some incredible numbers obtained from the flightscope Mevo+ and lots of fun along the way. 

“Each year we have some great talent come through who have never tried golf, they get some tips, hit some shots and try so hard to improve on their shot data, this year we had nine students who showed plenty of skill and ability, the next step for us is to get them at a driving range or golf course to continue their improvement and love of golf. 

“One girl was a standout, never hit a golf shot before and yet her 10 shots showed improvement and her club head speed was outstanding” said Mark Ingrey.

The ongoing sponsorship and support from UAA is amazing while local elders also attend and thrive amongst their talented juniors who just might get into golf one day.

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