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Lunchtime Launch it is an interactive activity delivered within schools across NSW designed to introduce the benefits of golf to students throughout years K to 12.

Lunchtime Launch It and Sporting Schools Golf programs are developed inline with the Sport Australia Sporting Schools  Initiative,  the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the National Physical Literacy Framework.

The programs can be used to deliver student outcomes across several subjects including: Mathematics, English, Sciences  Geography and PDHPE.

The programs offer pathways opportunities within NSW Golf Clubs & facilities as well as link to the national MyGolf Junior Program.



Lunchtime Launch It is designed to cater for all levels of abilities regardless of age, ability and gender (F/M).

Although this is a distance only program, no one is forced to participate, so those who are not keen can watch, no pressure at all.

We have already experienced Kinder and Y1 students trying it out, so curiosity often gets the better of even the most reluctant.


Golf NSW has partnered with The Net Return Australian and Flightscope Technologies to deliver the Launch Time Launch It Program to schools across the State.

The Net Return Pro Series V2 can handle impact ball speeds of up to 225 mph and is used throughout the world in a variety of sports, including Golf, Baseball, Soccer and Hockey.

The Flightscope Mevo+ leads the sport in providing real-time shot-performance data for golfers both professional and amateur.

Importantly, the technology is portable and can be used anywhere, so it doesn’t matter if it pours down, it works just as well in the playground, the school Hall, or even in a classroom. 

How it

Typically, a Lunchtime Launch It program will target the school lunch break so all students can have a go, it’s open to anyone and everyone.

With school lunch breaks varying from 45min to 1 hour, we can also accommodate  1/2 day and full-day sessions for schools that want all students to try a session.

The space required is relatively small;  we have hosted sessions in classrooms. Outside, this could be equivalent to 1/4 basketball or 1/2 tennis court, maybe a courtyard.

Electricity and TV/Smartboard access is required to get the full experience of the event.

Everything we provide through this program will be in line with the Sport Australia National Physical Literacy Framework 

For high schools we will provide an opportunity to link in and provide a structured outcome via our PASS program


For Students participating in the sport, there is a development pathway through the school system. This pathway gives the student a solid foundation starting with a program at school followed by a rewarding progression to Regional, State, and National Championships.

Under 12 (Primary/PSSA)
Primary Schools Sports
Under 15 Years (Years 7,8,9 / Newton Shield)
Combined High Schools (CHS)
Under 17
(CHS/All Schools)

Schools Program
MyGolf Resources 1 & 2
Teacher Training
(Gala/Wombat/Tri Days)
Schools Program
MyGolf Resources 1 & 2
PASS Program
Teacher Training
Schools Program
MyGolf Resources 1 & 2
SLR Program
Teacher Training
Regional Championships
Handicap 18 Hole Individual Event (School)
Non Handicap 9-Hole event (JNJG)
Regional Championships
Handicap 18 Hole Individual Event (School)
Non Handicap 9-Hole event (JNJG)
Regional Championships
Individual (May)
Regional Team (June)
NSW Championships
36 Hole Individual & RegionalEvent
(Entry must be part of a regional team)
Best eight(8) Boys & four(4) girls are selected based on scratch results
NSW Championships
36 Hole Individual Event
(Entry Via individual Ballot on Handicap)
NSW Championships
Individual (May)
Regional Team (June)
School Sport Australia (SSA)
School Sport Australia (SSA)
National Under 15 Championship
School Sport Australia (SSA)


Colin Johnson
Principal, Charlestown South Public
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What an absolute ball our Stage III students had during our Lunchtime Launch!

Despite originally planning for an outdoor event, the rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm as this flexible program was flipped indoors into a classroom. 

The party atmosphere swung into action as golfers, non-golfers, girls, boys, teachers, lefties and righties all had a crack at the long drive competition.

The amazing graphics and all the stats with ball flight, distance and swing speed were immediately displayed on the Interactive Whiteboard as the music pumped in the background. The ever-changing Leaderboard kept us all entertained.

I can’t imagine lunchtime being more fun than this,  and we are certainly lining up at Charlestown South for another booking asap!

Dave Smith
Head of Sport, Scots School Albury
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The Scots School Albury was delighted to host the Lunchtime Launch program with Golf NSW.

The launch program creates great excitement and challenge for all the students from experienced golfers to complete beginners.

Students from Years 12 -3 participated in the program with great interest, engagement, and fun.

It is a wonderful program to introduce Golf to young players.
Jarrrod Lyons
Relieving Principal, Lavington Public
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Who held bragging rights at Lavington Public school when faced with the prospect of the longest drive?

This was a question staff and students posed as they hit their way to a fun-filled lunchtime experience on the golf simulator.

Our school hall came alive with excitement and energy amongst our seasoned and not so seasoned golfers.

The leaderboard did not lie as some staff members ego's were left a little worse for wear.

The boys and girls especially enjoyed the interactive experience and have continually asked for it to return.

I would recommend the Lunchtime Launch it initiative to all schools!
Matt Kean
Principal Holy Spirit School, Lavington
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The ‘Lunchtime Launch’ is a phenomenal initiative facilitated by Golf NSW.

Students and staff alike took the opportunity to pit themselves against one another in a non-competitive (not so much for the staff), interactive and FUN environment.>

The technology utilised in the activity enabled many students to be engaged with immediate results.

We are all looking forward to ‘Lunchtime Launch’ returning to Holy Spirit School, hopefully in the near future!
Ali Karouche
Head of Sport - Arkana College
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The kids had a fantastic time experiencing something new and different. They enjoyed the competitive nature of the activity and loved being able to view their data during the session.

Allowing students to see their results in real time was fantastic and provided great conversation during class following the event.

My students have been raving about golf and cannot wait to give it another go in 2022.

Daisy Tyrell
Morgan St School, Broken Hill
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Our students had an excellent time during our lunchtime launch it session. They were so excited to try a new sport, and many have been talking about it since! Gary was extremely helpful and gave great tips to the students.